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Letter: Politicians are playing old King of the Hill game

Politicians are playing old King of the Hill game

Reading The News in the morning with my hot cup of coffee is like looking at the world through my living room window. The view reminds me of a game we used to play in the “old days” that we called King of the Hill. One of my playmates would climb to the top of a snowbank and the others would climb the snowbank and try to pull or push the king off the top and take his place.

Our government seems to be playing the same game, which I tend to call Clown of the Hill. One clown is on top and all of the other clowns are trying to pull or push him down the hill. Unfortunately, all of these clowns have groups of supporting clowns and they all vote. The onlookers, including the media, just cheer on their favorite clown. The result is that they make a mess of a pristine snowbank.

So I just do what most of my fellow Americans do and close the curtains, pour a second cup of coffee, and hope that my clown wins.

Lyman Lowrey


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