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Letter: How can the president take credit for ending shutdown?

How can the president take credit for ending shutdown?

On Jan. 22, Congress passed a bill to reopen the federal government after a three-day shutdown. Immediately after, the White House claimed credit for negotiating the bipartisan agreement. We all know that the president had absolutely nothing to do with the bipartisan agreement. How? Cable and network news reporting indicated that the president was in fact in the White House over the weekend, and was not involved in any of the negotiations.

Sen. Mitch McConnell publicly indicated that he did know what the president would expect in any legislation. Sen. Charles Schumer publicly indicated that the White House told him to work with the Senate and not the White House. News is circulating that the president spent the weekend curled up in bed, watching Fox “fake news” instead of being the hands-on infamous deal-maker that he brags he is. One could surmise that the reason for his depressive hibernation was that he worried about being blamed for the shutdown. In a 2013 interview regarding the Republican government shutdown, Trump stated that the “president” (Barack Obama) would ultimately be blamed for the shutdown.

But the real reason for his emotional exodus appears to be that he was advised by his staff not to attend his $100,000-a-plate petting zoo extravaganza being held in his safe house in Mar-a-Lago because of potential negative public reaction. It is no secret that Trump thrives on petting. In fact, in a recent interview, Sen. Lindsey Graham, when asked why he would not elaborate on the actual words used by Trump in the infamous Thursday meeting, said that he was friendly with, and played golf with the president, and wanted to stay on his good side to effect Graham’s own agenda. This is our president. This is our country. God love America, and forgive us for our sins.

Johnstone Reid Jr.


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