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16 companies picked for Start-Up NY program in WNY

Another 16 businesses have been selected for the state's Start-Up NY program, which allows those companies to operate virtually tax free for up to 10 years.

The companies have established relationships with either the University at Buffalo. SUNY-Buffalo State or SUNY-Fredonia to meet one of the eligibility requirements for the program.

The companies are:

Utilant - an existing, expanding software development company pledging to create 55 new jobs and invest $460,000.

Original Crunch Roll Factory - a food manufacturing company that produces frozen foods by combining raw materials to create a finished product that is then frozen, packaged and sold to restaurants or food service operations. It promises to create 20 new jobs and invest $2,500,000.

Airis Pharmaceutical Solutions - is a software development company that helps their clients to meet federal compliance standards for controlled substances. It says it will create 15 new jobs and invest $45,000.

ALIGN ResultsPRO - a technology company that is building a cloud-based health care data analytics software tool for the skilled nursing facility industry. The company pledges to create six new jobs and invest $20,000.

Buffalo Health - an R&D subsidiary of a large pharmacy chain in South Korea that will develop new  active ingredients for over-the-counter and nutrition supplements that will be made in the U.S. for sale primarily in the Asia-Pacific market. The company will create 16 new jobs and invest $76,000.

Digital Surveillance Solutions - a security systems integration business that designs, builds, deploys and supports sophisticated IP Video and Access Control Systems. DSS says it will create five new jobs and invest $130,000.

Global Security IQ - an information technology startup company that will develop, implement, and manage information security solutions. The company promises to create four new jobs.

Guidepost Web - a software developer working on tools to automate required processes for those engaged in supporting the developmentally disabled. These tools will elevate the service quality of new inexperienced staff so that they provide more comprehensive guidance. The company pledges to create 15 new jobs and invest $30,000.

Horvatis Corp. - an R&D startup that will provide 3D data collection, data storage and location data processing services to the agriculture industry. HC will create three new jobs and invest $30,000.

Inano Vision - a biotechnology company expanding to the U.S. from Canada that hopes to develop a hand-held medical device in ophthalmology that can remotely measure and monitor fluid pressure inside the eye. It promises to create five new jobs and invest $45,000.

Memory Fox - a new subscription-based web service for capturing, curating, and sharing family history, including stories and photos, via a mobile application. It  will create three new jobs and invest $10,000.

Peeva - an early stage R&D company developing a universal radio-frequency identification reader and a cloud-based data access system to read and store important identification and medical information for pets. The company pledges to create 10 new jobs and invest $37,000.

Platinum Engineers - the firm is expanding to the U.S. from Canada and will focus on wireless and web based monitoring sensors and controllers that will integrate existing independent low-tech sensing and control devices to communicate in a network connected to the cloud. Platinum Engineers says it will create 10 new jobs and invest $30,000.

RepHike - a software developer working on a monthly subscription "platform as a service" for companies to create and manage referral marketing programs.  The company says it will create 10 new jobs and invest $30,000.

Syte Logix - a life science software and service company expanding to New York from California that  provides visual technology that allows customers to understand new insights into their clinical data. Syte Logix promises to create ten new jobs and invest $63,000.

TROVE Predictive Data Science - a producer of  advanced predictive analytics software solutions for the electric utility industry.  The company says it will create 19 new jobs and invest $45,000.


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