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Letters: Trump needs to ditch his so-called advisers

Trump needs to ditch his so-called advisers

Where was President Trump in the negotiations regarding the government shutdown? Why wasn’t Trump in a room with the leaders of both parties (not any other “advisers”) until a deal was made?

Three times, Trump agreed to a bipartisan deal but after listening to his inexperienced “advisers” he pulled back from the deals. I followed all of the meetings and saw and heard the president look like he really wanted to compromise but was talked out of it. Who exactly is running our country?

The fact that Democrats don’t trust the president and Republican leaders to follow through on promises to address DACA and other issues is well-founded.

Apparently Eric Trump, with a positive tweet from his father, is sure the Democrats decided to shut down the government just to spoil Trump’s gala celebration and his great accomplishments! Seriously? That says a lot about their opinion of the integrity of the senators in both parties who were working hard to negotiate a bipartisan bill.

We have many problems to address, like infrastructure. The tweets, degrading ads and insulting voicemails are not helpful to moving forward.

Anne Terry


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