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Letters: America must replenish its supply of IVs quickly

America must replenish its supply of IVs quickly

I am wondering about the sparse reporting of the shortage of intravenous saline fluids used to deliver medicine and treat dehydrated patients. Why is there a shortage? Presumably the only source for the East Coast are three plants in Puerto Rico, which were damaged by Hurricane Maria.

This has become a major problem in Western New York. Family members are unable to get their biweekly infusions for multiple sclerosis, muscle degenerative disease, cerebral palsy, etc.

Now infusion centers are saving whatever intravenous fluids they have for the most seriously ill – not that the ones I mentioned are not serious – such as cancer patients. According to the infusion centers, they are running low even for the cancer patients.

Why has this been allowed to happen? Maybe in a Third World country, but right here in the good ol’ USA? How could the medical community have not foreseen this problem of having only one source for such important treatment?

Too many unanswered questions.

Donna Capitano Nardozzi


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