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Letter: Gusto wish list was good, with a couple exceptions

Gusto wish list was good, with a couple exceptions

When I read the 2018 wish list in Gusto a week ago from critics and contributors of what they really want to see happen this year, I can say I agree with just about everything with two exceptions.

First, allowing adult beverages in the movie theater is definitely not a good idea. I know from experience that people who come to the movies after drinking have a tendency to talk, make loud remarks, get up constantly to use the restroom and sometimes act obnoxiously. This kind of behavior mostly happens at the evening shows, and dealing with a drunk is not pleasant. So let’s not add fuel to the fire by selling adult beverages.

Second, letting dogs into stores, restaurants, etc., should be limited to service dogs that are very well behaved and needed by their owner. Again, I have seen from experience that a lot of dog owners think everyone loves their dog as much as they do, and allow the dog to approach people whether it is welcome or not. These dogs sometimes jump, lick, smell and bark at any human they see.

I myself am allergic to dogs and cannot be in an enclosed area with them or have them touch me in any way. I’m sure I’m not alone. So, these two wishes I hope never come true.

Madalyn Mayer


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