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Letter: Term limits are the first step in ending political corruption

Term limits are the first step in ending political corruption

Newly elected State Sen. Chris Jacobs, representing the 60th District, has introduced a bill requiring term limits for several elected state officials. This is the single-most important legislation any elected representative can introduce to benefit Americans. Instituting term limits is one action that can solve a multitude of problems. In our local, state and federal governments, especially the U.S. Congress, term limits will take a big bite out of the temptation of corruption. They will limit the control that lobbyists, financial contributors and big corporations have over those holding elected office. They could end the lifelong run of career politicians, including those who hand down their office to the next generation of relatives.

We hear words in political advertising that representative John or Jane Doe has the experience needed. The fact is that a good education and a desire to serve your community is all the experience anyone needs to run for office. Our Founding Fathers intended that all Americans be able to leave their farm or job to serve in government, then return home to their job or farm. This changed in the 1800s, when corrupt power-brokers and elected officials of Tammany Hall in New York City took control of the government, and much of that form of corruption exists today. The next step is to reform and limit campaign fundraising, and pass new ethics and rules by the FCC for radio and TV political advertising content and spending.

Jacobs’ bill is now in committee in Albany. He can be reached at, or contact the representative in your district. This is your country, wake up and get involved.

Donald Angelo


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