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Letter: Shutdown shows politicians care little about the people

Shutdown shows politicians care little about the people

Now that it’s over, what does a shutdown of the federal government mean?

It means that two political parties are more interested in their own agenda rather than the needs of the public, and are willing to play this tug of war at our expense.

Some things must change if we are to progress as a nation so as not be continually mired down in political gamesmanship.

First, we need term limits for all elected officials. We need public servants who act on behalf of the public, not for their own self-interests that are aimed at gathering points for their re-election campaign. Limit their time in office to two terms and move on.

Second, we must insist that all bills that pass through both houses should be submitted on their own merits, without tacking on legislation that holds the other party hostage unless its demands are met.

Third, there needs to be a deadline for filibustering so that we do not see government officials holding all-nighters in an attempt to tire their opponents out. Failure to pass legislation is inexcusable. Take the vote and be done with it.

Fourth, the House and Senate should forgo all pay and benefits if any future government shutdown is not averted.

It is time that we made our voices heard. This nonsense has got to stop.

Charles D. Carter


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