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Letter: Cancel appointments when you are not well

Cancel appointments when you are not well

Working in the medical field, I have seen a number of sick people coming through our office this year. I work in an ophthalmology practice, not for a primary doctor or urgent care. Most people come to us for their annual checkup, diabetic checkup or to get measured for new glasses. We have many glaucoma patients who return several times a year for monitoring and consultations. These appointments are not urgent or life-threatening. But many of our patients are in the middle of flu symptoms, coughing, sneezing, stomach aliments and many other communicable symptoms.

We have a small staff and if we get sick, medical attention suffers. In short, please be considerate of others who are not sick. All the hand-washing and masks can’t totally prevent the communication of these super germs. Unless you are having critical eye symptoms, please reschedule your appointment. I am sure that there are many other specialty doctors who share the same view.

Judith Whitehead

East Amherst

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