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Letter: Anti-Trump writers ignore pertinent facts

Anti-Trump writers ignore pertinent facts

On Jan. 18, there were six letters in Everybody’s Column with references to President Trump. Only one was somewhat favorable. Why don’t these letter writers mention that the stock market is booming, jobs are coming back to America, over 100 companies gave out bonuses and the December unemployment rate for African-Americans fell to 6.8 percent, the lowest level in 45 years?

ISIS is being decimated, patriotism is up, as is care and respect for our brave veterans, and national security is strong. Trump is not against immigration; he just wants the proper vetting and laws enforced to keep us safe. I don’t lock my doors at night because I hate what’s outside; I do it to protect the ones I love inside!

He has appointed a conservative Supreme Court justice and he is the first sitting president to speak at the pro-life rally supporting life in all its stages, which is a human rights issue. Sure, he may be an unlikely champion of those issues, but I can’t judge his heart. I do like what he is doing. I do not like the way he speaks and I wish he would cut back on his tweets. I think he is trying to stay true to his promises, but he’s come up against much backlash, more than any other president. Some of it is his own fault, but he deserves the same chance President Barack Obama received.

Those on the left don’t seem to understand Trump’s base, nor do they try to. They would rather attach hateful or unflattering labels to them. The base didn’t vote for the man as much as they did for the platform! The Democrats didn’t lose because of Hillary Clinton, they lost because they underestimated the base. Perhaps they will understand his base better when they vote Trump in for another four years.

Dawn Curazzato


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