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You Should Be Watching: 'Being Human'

Do you like vampire, werewolf, and ghost stories, but can’t decide which to watch? Have no fear: you’ll find all three binge-watching “Being Human,” a show about young and lively monsters struggling against their darker selves.

Title: “Being Human”

Year it began: 2011

Where it can be seen: Amazon; Itunes; Netflix

Who’s in it: Sam Witwer; Meaghan Rath; Sam Huntington; Kristen Hager; Mark Pellegrino

Typical episode length: 43 minutes

Number of episodes: 52

Brief plot description: A vampire and a werewolf, each struggling against his monstrous nature, become roommates in Boston—and soon befriend a ghost inhabiting their apartment.

Why it’s worth watching: Based on a BBC show, the North American “Being Human” offers engaging fantasy programming in a contemporary Gothic Boston. The show succeeds through the incredible chemistry among its three stars—Witwer’s vampire Aidan Waite, Rath’s ghost Sally Malik and Huntington’s werewolf Josh Levison. Rath brings a refreshing warmth and vulnerability to Sally, a long-suffering ghost who tries to make the most of her friendship with monster roommates who can actually see her, and who endeavors to use her otherworldly position to improve the world. “Being Human” also thrives through the unlikely bromance between the hipster Aidan and the gentle Josh, as these natural enemies learn to cooperate both as roommates and as otherworldly players. While “Being Human” builds most of its story in a modern urban world where vampires struggle with werewolves, it also makes excellent use of flashbacks to the many different periods of Aidan’s unnaturally long past. The show also creates a unique atmosphere by placing Aidan, Josh and Nora Sergeant (Hager) in hospital jobs: blood in this show is linked to life-sustaining caregivers as much as to monstrous predators. Other standout roles include Pellegrino’s James Bishop, the intense vampire who sired Aidan; Dichen Lachman’s powerful and graceful vampire Suren; and Kyle Schmid’s Henry Durham, who manages to be a vampire we both despise and pity. Dusan Dukic offers an especially captivating performance as the Reaper—a doubly dark and mysterious figure whose malevolence stands out even in this monstrous world.

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