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Letters: Trump’s racism is more offensive than vulgarity

Trump’s racism is more offensive than vulgarity

Regarding the Jan. 18 letter on President Barack Obama’s remarks: Referring to violence in a country as a “” is simply not comparable to referring to countries themselves as “s...holes.” Moreover, President Trump’s racism is far more offensive than his vulgarity, despite its appearance in so many contexts.

I am also of Polish ancestry and indeed lost two uncles to the Nazi horror – one in the war and one in a concentration camp. So, I, too, was dismayed by Obama’s use of repellent terminology regarding concentration camps in Poland, which were created and run by the Nazis. But Obama apologized for this language. And although I did not vote for him, I see no evidence that Obama found authoritarianism attractive.

But consider Trump’s overt and continued admiration for Vladimir Putin, the meetings with Russians by his family and other close associates for apparently nefarious purposes, Trump’s attacks on the free press (using Stalinist language) and his rejection of our intelligence community’s conclusion that Russia interfered with our election and will continue to interfere.

As another Jan. 18 letter writer noted, now our very democracy is under attack – from without and from within.

Janice Schultz-Aldrich


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