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Letters: Trump’s actions, words make clear he is a racist

Trump’s actions, words make clear he is a racist

There should now be no doubt in anyone’s mind that President Trump is a racist, as it is crystal clear that he uttered those egregious words describing Haiti in particular and Africa in general and then had the effrontery to deny he said them. His position is indefensible.

This was no isolated incident. He has repeatedly posited hateful, demeaning, abusive and racist language that has defined his office. He shows no remorse and continues to alienate our country from the rest of the world. When is the last time England showed no interest in a planned visit from a U.S. president? To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson: “When injustice becomes the norm, resistance becomes our duty.”

We shouldn’t have to put up with this invective display of anti-American, anti-human disrespect any longer.

Donna Patterson


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