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Letters: Schools need to install cameras in classrooms

Schools need to install cameras in classrooms

The principal at School 18, Aakta Patel, should be applauded for standing up to the bully union teachers when she put the long-term interests of her students first. Superintendent Kriner Cash made the correct decision to not remove Patel.

Melinda Lucas, a teacher at School 18, stated, “Teachers are afraid.” Another teacher claims, “25 teachers at the school are seeking transfers because of the climate of the building.” Cash stated Patel, “is hurt by the allegations and wants to do better for that school.”

Three teachers spoke before the School Board. Where were the other 25 teachers? Those three teachers should resign and be replaced with teachers who have not had their minds polluted by the teachers union.

There are schools that have more total suspensions then there are students. This is only possible when teachers abuse their authority. Too many kids are being suspended and missing out on classroom instruction. There are many nonpunitive ways when dealing with children. Teachers claim they’re not properly trained on how to manage their classrooms yet appear unmotivated to learn how. City teachers accepted a 14 percent pay raise and have the shortest workday of any school in Western New York.

Needed immediately in every classroom are cameras. Cameras would hold teachers accountable and protect our kids. Suspensions would drop as test scores and graduation rates raise. To protect teachers, the union prohibits cameras in the classroom. Gov. Andrew Cuomo needs to intervene and ensure cameras are installed. I wish for once teachers would put the best interests of the students first.

Joe Cyran


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