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Letters: Nearby residents are unhappy with Waterfront Village plan

Nearby residents are unhappy with Waterfront Village plan

The News article regarding Ciminelli Real Estate’s proposed Waterfront Village project neglected to portray the residents’ take on the development. As Ciminelli’s own project manager admitted, Waterfront Village residents consistently stated concerns regarding compatibility since the proposed housing will be an in-fill development surrounded by existing residential units.

The truth is the builder continually ignores input from the residents regarding three basic issues: 1.) Too much density for the acreage it is purchasing. 2.) Reasonable setbacks to protect view corridors. 3.) Height of the buildings consistent with surrounding structures.

This latest plan has increased the number of units, reduced the waterfront and street setbacks and proposed a 52-foot height compared to the highest 42-foot neighboring height. Stating that its buildings are three stories is misleading as the developer has to build up 6 feet for underground parking before the three floors begin and the builder provides higher ceilings than in existing residences. The result is that the buildings are the equivalent of four stories, not three stories, as established in the Green Code.

Frank Lysiak

Executive Director, Waterfront

Village Advisory Council

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