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Letters: Great to know Trump is in excellent health

Great to know Trump is in excellent health

I just want to give a big thank you to all the journalists who asked such in-depth questions about the health of President Trump after his recent exam. Knowing that we have a healthy president, both mentally and physically, has taken a big load off all our minds. Knowing that we can count on him to lead this country for the foreseeable future and make common-sense decisions that outweigh the mental capacities of a good part of our adversaries, who think intimidation of the rest of the world with nuclear weapons and missiles is good.

We thought the media were giving the president a hard time. I guess we were wrong. By their “intelligent questioning” of his doctor, they confirmed that they were so concerned about his health that they did not upturn every stone possible. Isn’t it simply marvelous that they care so much? And I thought that the media were hoping for his demise. How wrong can you be?

In my opinion, I’m assuming that translates into concern for a better life for all Americans, with better health care, more jobs and better security from those who would hurt us, things the president wants and, of course, the media must want too.

Norman Machynski


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