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Letters: Focus on peacekeeping, not adding more nukes

Focus on peacekeeping, not adding more nukes

What’s going on here? Have we all gone insane? A draft document called “The Nuclear Posture Review,” written by the Pentagon, has been sent to the White House for review citing cyberattacks and various other non-nuclear threats to our security as a basis for using nuclear weapons to respond. Has the human condition deteriorated to the point that we cannot discuss viable solutions to our universal problems without the imminent destruction of the human race?

Recently, both Japan and Hawaii broadcast that missiles were launched by North Korea and that citizens needed to seek shelter. Both blunders were the result of human error. It took Tokyo five minutes to apologize to its populace. However, it took five hours for the governor of Hawaii to issue his apology. By that time, if it were true, Hawaii would have no longer existed.

In the document’s closing paragraph, Andrew Weber, an assistant defense secretary, quoted that if adopted, the new policy “will make nuclear war a lot more likely.” Now isn’t that encouraging?

We need to intelligently rethink the immense responsibility the U.S. has to prevent an Armageddon that will truly annihilate us all, because once it starts it won’t stop. It will leave behind a twisted landscape that will not support any form of life because radioactive nuclear debris will circle the globe for thousands of years. Quit spending money on bombs and focus on preventing our obviously penetrable systems from being compromised.

Scott H. Patterson


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