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Letters: Economy is booming thanks to president

Economy is booming thanks to president

Huzzah to No. 45! Like hundreds of millions of other Americans, my fortunes have swelled in the Trump economy as our markets peak, unemployment is historically low and manufacturing is the best it’s been in 20 years. As per his contract, he has run through Barack Obama’s Byzantine state with a simple plow share, leaving neutered regulatory agencies and an unshackled nationalist economy. Unemployment stands at 4.1 percent, the lowest it’s been since 2000. Just this month, jobless claims logged their lowest weekly tally since 1973.

Our stock market stands at new heights every day, and – for the first time – a vast swath of Americans participate in it through IRAs and pension funds. This is a broad-based and long-needed boom. The “new normal” of 2 percent GDP growth economists lamented under the supine Obama economy will be 4 percent GDP growth now that we have someone who understands business at the helm.

No longer frightened from home, American corporations have also chosen to put America First. Though it was not the first corporation to do so, nor will it be the last, Apple has led the way with a commitment of $350 billion, including a new American HQ in a city to be named. Also included, Apple commits to 20,000 direct jobs in America. And, for doing all of this, Apple will be paying a direct $38 billion tax in 2018. Apple CEO Tim Cook has shown his peers how they should act. I’m certain more will follow suit. This is what the America First economy looks like.

But, least I not give the other side equal time, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has a deal with a tech giant, too, and he’s thinking about running in 2020. He paid Elon Musk three quarters of a billion dollars to import products from China, have a Japanese corporation assemble them and let Tesla sell them. Someday, 1,400 people may or may not be making solar panels at this facility New York State bought. This is what the globalist economy looks like.

Paul Lacapruccia


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