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Letter: Workers caring for disabled deserve to receive fair wages

Workers caring for disabled deserve to receive fair wages

As parents of Craig, a young man with Down syndrome, we are very concerned about losing his wonderful staff as the minimum wage continues to go up. Craig lives in a self-directed living situation and attends a day program, both of which require caring staff members to provide support. New York State sets the rates for these positions, and the employees are overdue for getting a fair wage that reflects their responsibilities. See #bFair2DirectCare for more information.

These unsung heroes offer so much to individuals with developmental disabilities, and what they do for our loved ones’ quality of life is priceless. However, to recruit and retain the best, they do need to be paid more than the minimum wage because what they do is so important.

We appeal to the governor and state legislators to keep their promise to increase workers’ pay so Craig and his peers can continue to have these deserving staff get fair compensation for their noble work.

Max and Joyce Donatelli

Family Advocates


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