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Letter: Scajaquada is essential for many area motorists

Scajaquada is essential for many area motorists

Who speaks for the motorist? The Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy is pushing a plan to plug swift and efficient access to the Peace Bridge and waterfront via the Scajaquada Expressway. The American Automobile Association, representing 885,000 upstate members, stands silent. It is a dereliction of duty.

Just because Delaware Park people envision a utopian version of a park amenable to horse-drawn carriages does not justify severe restrictions – at taxpayer expense, of course – on the ability of Erie County residents to reach quickly the waterfront and Canada.

The imposition of a 30 mph limit on a roadway designed to carry automobiles at 50 mph makes no sense. It should have been met with howls of protest and should be reversed. AAA needs to get on board with this, as should the Mustang Club, the Corvette Club and the members of every other car club whose members appreciated travel on the Scajaquada the way it used to be.

Gabriel Ferber


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