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Letter: Ramirez’s editorial cartoon omits key points on Trump

Ramirez’s editorial cartoon omits key points on Trump

In his Jan. 12 political cartoon, Michael Ramirez conveniently – or should we say, hypocritically – omits one obvious personality as he moves from Ronald Reagan to a Democrat sporting an “Oprah in 2020” button as a way of questioning the merits of an inexperienced celebrity candidate. The implication is obviously “how the mighty have fallen.”

Ramirez “overlooks” President Trump, who came to the presidency with no record of public service or governmental experience. Contrast that with Reagan – who in truth was our first celebrity president, but who did not come to the task empty-handed: He served for years as president of the Screen Actors Guild (during the highly charged McCarthy era) and was elected for two terms as governor of California.

By contrast, Trump came to the fore as a “reality show” candidate and real estate dealer of dubious integrity. At least Oprah is honest and has actively worked for decades on others’ behalf, both here and abroad. Trump’s candidacy and performance as president perfectly illustrate what the French call the “peopolisation” of politics. We all deserve better; Ramirez has not helped to tell the truth.

Jeanette Ludwig


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