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Letter: Long-term plan is needed to address growing deficit

Long-term plan is needed to address growing deficit

It was wonderful that our Common Council opened the budget process to the public. Our state and federal leaders should follow suit. If Niagara Falls had made an investment of the casino money, it would not be in the predicament it is now in. So let’s take the strategy that to save money is to make money.

I strongly feel that the City of Buffalo and the Board of Education should join forces to effectively recycle every possible item and incorporate students in that effort. Deficits at the state and federal levels must be addressed. At some point, the national deficit must be reduced and eventually eliminated. It’s time to make a long-term plan and stick to it – no matter the sacrifice. Our children and their children deserve to have that yolk removed. Let’s start a public discussion and petition our elected leaders to take up this cause!

Joseph Allen


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