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Letter: Immigrants, refugees are hardworking and resilient

Immigrants, refugees are hardworking and resilient

It’s been almost a year since I started waking up every day thinking, “OK, what did he do now?” President Trump’s list of horrors is long, but the latest name-calling involving Haitian and African immigrants is disheartening and beyond disturbing.

My own family’s immigrant experience runs the gamut from 50 to 400-plus years ago. Through the course of professional experience, I had the opportunity to work with new immigrants and refugees. They are some of the hardest working and most resilient people I’ve ever met.

Trump’s willful ignorance and that of his base and its leadership is tearing our country asunder. The management of our country is a real job, not a reality show with plot twists and shockers for entertainment.

Suzanne Colligan


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