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Letter: America must promote freedom, justice for all

America must promote freedom, justice for all

As a retired person, and previous middle-class wage earner, I feel invisible watching and hearing about the actions of our president. We expect our leaders to have high moral standards to support all our citizens, not just the chosen few at the top. Many of our allies look at us, as a nation they don’t understand, as they interact with our leadership in Washington, D.C., and abroad.

The rest of us, including our representatives, senators and knowledgeable leaders, are working and attempting to keep America safe, free and uphold our democratic values. Don’t they feel invisible, too, as the press, social media and television seem to focus on Trump to the exclusion of other important issues of the day?

What can we do to have freedom and justice for all? Isn’t respect, gathering truthful information, conversation and collaboration a tool in our decision-making kit?

Patricia Burke


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