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Letter: Actions speak louder than words on racism

Actions speak louder than words on racism

I was touched by Rep. Chris Collins’ declaration in the Jan. 16 News that President Trump is not a racist. The ones who know the least about racism and their own participation in the perpetuation of it are always the first ones to deny it.

Actions speak louder than words. Collins’ district is gerrymandered to create a 94 percent white constituency. Likewise, Trump has assembled a Cabinet that is 96 percent white, and 74 percent male.

Further, note that Trump chose Martin Luther King Day to golf, likely with several of his white male cronies, while exhorting the nation to engage in “acts of civic work and community service.” Collins chose to mark the day by appearing on Fox News and calling Rep. John Lewis, an African-American with an extraordinary legacy of civil rights activism, a “spoiled child” for condemning Trumps “s...hole” remarks.

Until they, and we, (I am a white female), are willing to examine and acknowledge how little we understand the experience of people of color in this world, and until we are willing to recognize and relinquish the comfort and privilege afforded to us via our white status, racism will endure. Until we decide to speak out and act out against the status quo, we participate in it.

Joan Chipps


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