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Letter: A look at Trump’s past offers answers today

A look at Trump’s past offers answers today

Is President Trump a racist?

No one can look into his heart, but I have an opinion that is based on something I saw with my own eyes.

On numerous occasions in the ’70s and early ’80s I stayed in Trump Village, an apartment complex in Brooklyn that was developed by his father and managed by the future president. It consists of seven, 23-story buildings with hundreds of apartments in each, and was built with government funds intended to provide low- and middle-income families with a decent place to live.

In the dozens of times I visited, I never once saw evidence of any African-American or Latino families living there. The tenants, without exception, appeared to be white. While I did see people of color in Trump Village, they were always deliverymen, housekeepers or other tradespeople there only to serve the white tenants.

Of course, as we now know, the segregated nature of Trump Village was no accident. A government investigation showed that staff was ordered to secretly code paperwork to identify black or Latino applicants, who were then either told that no apartments were available, or steered to projects that already had a high percentage of nonwhite tenants.

So again, is Trump a racist?

The answer seems obvious to me.

J. Patrick Henry

Orchard Park

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