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Teens reflect on social media’s impact

Social media has taken over most people’s everyday lives, and has changed the way we communicate.

Social media makes it much easier to talk to someone across the globe and
to get the news of what’s going on in the world, as well as what’s going on with whoever you follow.

Teenagers have been impacted in many different ways by social media.

Many teenagers say that they are on social media every day, though they say they make sure it doesn’t take priority over school.

"When I’m in school, [I don’t use it] very often," says Molly Schultz, a freshman at Buffalo Seminary, "I go on Snapchat maybe two or three times a day to send streaks. I go on Instagram more often, at night in the car and during lunch. When I’m off of school I use Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube more often, Instagram the most."

Many teens uses social media frequently, and feel as if it has a big impact on their everyday life.

"I feel as though social media helps me be more connected to my friends that I do not get to see regularly. Also, using social media helps me feel connected to the latest trends and news," says Sem freshman Brooke Holge. However, she adds, "I do not make using social media a priority over school."

Sem freshman Alexa Groh also feels this way. "I have met a lot of new people and friends, and kept in touch with them," she says.

"Social media has made me more aware of my appearance and what others think of me,’ Says Molly. "It has really helped me to communicate and open up more."

But could these teens, whose lives are filled with social media, live without it?

Freshman Gabriela Vaquero says, "I could live without social media, because it’s not really necessary to have it in my life. I just use social media to keep updated on the things and people that I’m interested in."

However, Alexa disagrees.

"I could not live without social media because it is the only way that I can stay in touch with some of my friends who live in far away places," she says.

With teens’ lives being so impacted by social media, do they view it as a positive?

"I view social media positively," Alexa says. "It is a great way to share your life, and talk to friends."

But Molly sees it both positively and negatively. "I view it in both ways, mostly positive as I’ve never had any bad experiences," she says. "But, because I know people who have had bad experiences and I have heard bad stories, I have learned to be cautious. As it can easily be negative."

Brooke agrees. "I view it positively as long as people are using it for the right reasons and not to do anything harmful to themselves or others." Social media is "positive because it can lift people on days that they need it," sys Gabriela. But "social media is also a bad thing because it can emotionally hurt people on things they see or things that people might say to them. It may cause them to do physical harm to themselves or others."

Social media allows teens to communicate to many different people around the world. These teens have shown that being able to communicate with your friends and share your life with them through social media can be a positive thing.

However, using social media without being cautious, as some have expressed, can easily make it go from being a positive platform to a negative one.

Peyton Wagner is a freshman at Buffalo Seminary.


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