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Camila Cabello’s debut album has wide appeal

Camila Cabello released her self-titled, debut album, "Camila," last week.

Cabello, a former member of the group "Fifth Harmony," had released two songs, "Crying in the Club" and "I Have Questions" back in May 2017. However, neither of these songs are on her album, which was originally supposed to be named "The Hurting. The Healing. The Loving."

In an interview Cabello explained that she changed it because she’s in a happier place in her life now.

Three songs, "Havana, "Real Friends" and "Never Be the Same," were released before the album came out.

"Real Friends," the fifth song on the album, was written recently about how in Los Angeles Cabello feels lonely. It’s about how everyone she met there was connected to work because that’s what she was doing there. She says there were all "connected to the music industry. She explained that she’s just looking for some real friends that she can actually talk to.

The sixth song on the album, "Consequences," is about a relationship she had that came with consequences, despite how much it meant to her. It’s about the impact that the breakup had on her life. The slow ballad shows Cabello pouring her emotions out into the song accompanied with a piano.

The eighth song on the album, "Something’s Gotta Give," is another piano-based song. The song explains how she feels she gives too much when she really cares about someone. Near the end of the song she sings about how she feels like she’s breaking. It’s similar theme to her song "I Have Questions," which was originally supposed to be on the album.

"Camila" is an emotion-filled, dancey album. It’s a great choice for anyone who likes slower or more lively songs, given the album contains both. There are the more slower, emotional songs like "Consequences" and "Something’s Gotta Give," for those who listen to those songs. However, there are more lively songs such as "Havana," "In the Dark," and "Into It," for those who like those types of songs. It deals with topics from friendship to romance.

"Camila" is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Amazon Music.

Peyton Wagner is a freshman at Buffalo Seminary.


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