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Letters: Treatment of refugees says a lot about leaders

Treatment of refugees says a lot about leaders

Ninety-two Somali refugees deported a couple of weeks before Christmas on a flight were chained hands and feet to their seats. Not unlike the slave ships of the 18th century. Reports were that use of the bathrooms were limited and conditions were poor. The flight was diverted and returned, and they were chained to their seats for two days, according to USA Today.

This Trump America is anti-Christian, with no moral compass. Jesus would not be welcome in a country like Trump’s America. Jesus, a non-white man who supported the poor and persecuted.

We as a country must join together and reject hate in any shape or form and make it clear that those sworn to uphold the Constitution must serve all the people living in the country and not abuse minorities or non-citizens for political purposes. The service under the law must be tempered with humanity.

Harry E. Winnicki


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