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Letters: NFTA chief paints rosy picture of poor service

NFTA chief paints rosy picture of poor service

This is in response to the “Metro staff working hard to make customers happy” letter by Kimberley Minkel in the Jan. 12 Buffalo News.

Minkel, head of the NFTA, states that 90 percent of riders are satisfied. Here is an example of the other 10 percent that are not.

Working downtown, I have used the Metro Bus system for over 35 years. Within the last few years, my route has seen significant cuts in service and overcrowding, which I would call dangerous. I have seen passengers standing as far as the driver, and close to the front window of the bus. Riders being passed by because the bus was too crowded to seat anyone else.

During this past December, I had numerous experiences of my bus just not showing up. This was during peak drive-time hours to and from work.

When I would call the NFTA to ask where the bus was, I would be told it was cut without further explanation. To make matters worse, these cut buses where during the cold spell we just encountered.

Sorry Ms. Minkel, I am among the 10 percent of passengers who are not satisfied with the NFTA public transit service.

Donna Fial


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