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Letter: Trump administration undermines democracy

Trump administration undermines democracy

I am now 75 years old, and I remember asking my father, “How did people let this happen?” when referring to the genocide in Germany prior to and during World War II. He told me that most did not know what was going on, at least to the degree that it was transpiring.

It has become abundantly clear that our country is heading down the same slippery slope and history is repeating itself.

I reject the actions of our current president, but even more so, where is the condemnation of what he says and does, on behalf of Rep. Paul Ryan and Sen. Mitch McConnell?

All we hear is deafening silence on the part of these “leaders of the people.”

How can anyone tolerate such racist statements and actions by this president? Why is he not publicly made to answer for his statements, whether in regard to Charlottesville, Va., Haiti, El Salvador, Mexico or any African nation?

Constant denying of what has been said by this president and constant denigrating of the press by White House staff, including Sarah Huckabee Sanders, do nothing but undermine our democracy.

Any true patriot would never tolerate such actions. I pray for my country and for the return to basic humanity.

Mark J. Walter


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