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Letter: Haitians are great people – warm, loving and generous

Haitians are great people – warm, loving and generous

When I heard last night that our president, whom we are supposed to look up to, call the country of Haiti an expletive, which he later denied saying, I was sick to my stomach! I have been doing medical mission work in Haiti for a number of years, and know firsthand that the people of Haiti are warm, loving and generous. They have so little, yet they are happy and content.

They work hard to support their families. I have many very close Haitian friends, and not one of them deserves to have their country referred to in a derogatory manner.

How offensive can President Trump be? Why are the people of Norway better people than the people of Haiti?

I have been trying to understand our president’s views since he was elected, but this verbal assault takes the cake.

God, help our country. Please!

Joanne Hollenbeck


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