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Letters: One weather report is fine, but stations go overboard

One weather report is fine, but stations go overboard

We all agree with a recent writer on the need to know what the weather will be, and how difficult a question that can be for those of us living in the amazingly variable conditions of Western New York. (I commuted between Buffalo and Springville for 30 years with the common occurrence of cloudless, sunny blue skies at one end and a blizzard at the other.) Knowledge of the weather is so important that we now have a wide variety of ways to learn about it, on a constantly updating basis if we so desire.

The problem is that our TV news programs now spend half or more of their air time reporting on the weather, in some cases having three separate segments crammed into a half-hour program. When weather is turned into news, every snowfall or drop in temperature is treated as a catastrophic event for which we are prepped for days in advance.

It wouldn’t be so bad if they were right in their forecasts, but the variability and changeability of our weather makes that a difficult goal. Please give us back our evening news and I’ll keep looking out the window to know if it’s snowing.

Paul Tenser


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