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Letters: Come up with a better plan for housing in empty church

Come up with a better plan for housing in empty church

What kind of monsters wouldn’t want low-income seniors to have affordable housing in an empty church? That’s what the stories imply regarding the battle over Ascension Church.

In fact, according to the plans, only two apartments will be in the empty church – in the basement. Nice light. The rest of the church will remain empty.

The other apartments will be carved out of the historic E.B. Greene parish house and in a new building that will entirely consume the existing historic churchyard. The new building will obliterate any public view of the historic parish house and all the green space for the low-income seniors intended to live there. A current picture or a visit to the church and yard would give readers a fuller view of what the historic neighborhood association is fighting for.

Why not put the apartments for seniors in the big, gorgeous church? Then there would be no need for the contentious new build. Don’t low-income seniors and our city deserve beauty? Don’t they deserve better than this unimaginative box of a building, jerry-rigged to fit into a historic green space?

Erin Kelly


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