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Play behind Vikings' Minnesota Miracle: Buffalo Right Seven Heaven

By now you have seen the amazing walk-off touchdown that the Minnesota Vikings scored to beat the New Orleans Saints in a thrilling NFC divisional playoff game Sunday.

The play was immediately dubbed the "Minnesota Miracle."

But for football types, Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said after the game that the team referred to the play as "Buffalo Right Seven Heaven."

Given that Buffalo is part of the name, we attempted to dig a little deeper. We don't have access to the Vikings' playbook, but here is what we think is a pretty good estimation.

  • Buffalo: That is the personnel grouping – a heavier look with three wide receivers bunched together. The Vikings use Buffalo as a "B" word to signify bunch. Teams often use words that start with a similar letter. The play was designed to have one receiver run a short route, one run an intermediate route and another run a deep route. Whichever receiver made the catch was supposed to get out of bounds so the Vikings could kick a field goal. That is until a missed tackle sprung Stefon Diggs.
  • Right: The three receivers are on the right side of the formation.
  • Seven: That is the route. On a typical route tree, the seven route is to the corner.
  • Heaven: That is where the play is supposed to end if it works – in the end zone.

Zimmer said the team routinely practiced the play and got better as the season went on.

“We’ve practiced it every week,” he said, according to the Star-Tribune. “It’s one of the last things we do Saturday. We practice it every week. It was a great throw and a great catch.”

“You execute it better (the more you practice it). Obviously we made a great play and a great catch, but it was big. It was a big win. We practice a lot of those situations. So you know we got lucky, but we’ll take it.”

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