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Letter: When will Democrats start working to cut state taxes?

When will Democrats start working to cut state taxes?

Well, I see our well-heeled state Democrats are at it again in their attempt to undermine President Trump. Now they’re attacking his historic tax overhaul. Friday’s front-page story talking about creating state-run charities to do an end run around the SALT limits in the new tax code is like the kettle calling the pot black.

All we hear from this group of representatives is how the Republicans stoke the rich and the good-old Democrats defend the poor. Well, who will these new charities help? Of course, the wealthiest of state residents with mansions and homes most folks can only see on television. The article points out that most residents to gain from these fraud charities reside downstate.

From our attorney general spending millions of our tax dollars with frivolous lawsuits against anything Trump does, to now the idea of these mock charities to give gimmicky financial loopholes for but a few of the richest in New York, why can’t the Democrats get to work and reduce everyone’s tax burden and start making New York a state people want to come back to?

David Davidzik


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