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Letter: Raise speed limit to 40 mph on Scajaquada Expressway

Raise speed limit to 40 mph on Scajaquada Expressway

I applaud Rod Watson’s recent comments about the Scajaquada Expressway. Route 198 is part of a regional transportation system. It is a state road, not a Buffalo road, not a Parkside community road. New York State built Route 198 to connect Route 33 and Interstate 190. Where Delaware Park was compromised to build Route 198 was a narrow land bridge connecting two large park areas. Those park areas are intact today. Do we need to connect northern parkland to Parks Department barns and Forest Lawn? Is it necessary to connect the tennis courts to southern passive park area?

Both areas of Delaware Park have pathway systems and open areas for bicycle riders and pedestrians. A few years ago, a gravel pathway, parallel to the existing path, was developed in the northern part for bicycle riders. Bike riders can also use the pedestrian/bike path along Scajaquada Creek that connects west to the path along the Niagara River. Vehicle drivers notice and “squeeze” on many city streets to accommodate bike riders under Mayor Byron Brown’s safe streets initiative.

Regarding speed limits on Route 198, I agree 50 mph was too fast. However, 30 mph is too slow. Risky driving has increased. Let’s have 40 mph for all. Remove ugly LED signs and orange flags. New protective fencing near the Parkside intersection should remain for safety.

Why is the state, led by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, willing to destroy a state regional transportation system? A relatively small group of highly organized people with parochial and, sadly, often self-serving viewpoints have used the public comment process to make it appear the masses want Route 198 destroyed. That is not the case. Cuomo should serve the general public, not a small group of persistent constituents. We have the votes!

Lynda Stephens


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