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Letter: GOP leaders need to stop burying their heads in sand

GOP leaders need to stop burying their heads in sand

I have a theory about why Republicans are burying their heads in the sand over President Trump: They want Democrats to do the dirty work.

Follow my logic: Democrats win back the House and Senate this November and impeachment proceedings begin. It’s a quick, no-nonsense process, even in the Senate, because future Sen. Mitt Romney convinces reluctant Republicans to vote with Democrats. With Trump convicted and on a bus back to Trump Tower, the party needs a tender warrior to bind up the nation’s wounds – enter Mike Pence.

He’s been waiting in the wings, after all, biding his time, hoping for a miracle. Finally Sen. Mitch McConnell and whoever replaces Rep. Paul Ryan breathe a sigh of relief – they have an ultraconservative in the White House who’s in lockstep with them. The Freedom Caucus is doing handstands.

But, oh dear! Too late, they remember Sen. Charles Schumer controls the Senate and Rep. Nancy Pelosi is minding the House. Their super-smart plot comes to nothing and Congress returns to fighting over ideology and finances. Meanwhile, bored Pence heads over to the House to grouse with the Freedom Caucus.

OK, it’s far-fetched, but so is a president who lies, insults, divides and humiliates instead of governing. Why are McConnell and Ryan pretending there’s nothing to see? Don’t they realize that the folks Trump is stomping on are going to be voting? Maybe they’re ignoring that, too.

Kathleen Geib

East Aurora

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