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Letter: Don’t mess with marina across from Canalside

Don’t mess with marina across from Canalside

Leave the marina across from Canalside alone. Please. Every year for the past five years, there has been a disruption of First Buffalo River Marina, always ending with the loss of slips. Longtime, paying residents of the marina are displaced by yet another access point for the public. Now there is talk of another bike ferry landing, closer to Wilkeson Pointe. How much closer can this possibly be? The marina is only a few hundred yards long and the last ferry dock cost eight revenue-generating boat slips. A public waterfront walkway, for what? To look back at Canalside!

With untapped thousands of Outer Harbor acres to work with, why disrupt one of the few areas that actually generates revenue that helps fund Outer Harbor development? First Buffalo River Marina is a boatyard with multiple millions of dollars in private boats. We left Erie Basin Marina many years ago due to lack of security, complete disregard for the slip renters and the overcrowded weekends and holidays. Erie Basin started out as an abandoned marina, resurrected to become a simple marina and then it all changed.

The only thing we ever learn from history is that we never learn from history. Hold off on the overdevelopment and leave a simple boatyard to the boaters who pay for the privilege. There is plenty of access to and parking for the Outer Harbor as well as room for development.

Curt Taylor


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