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[BN] Blitz newsletter: Can the Bills find a franchise QB without a top 20 pick?

What does J.P. Losman have in common with Johnny Manziel?

Other than disappointing football fans in the Rust Belt, they are two of the five quarterbacks drafted with the No. 22 pick this century. The Bills hold the 21st and 22nd overall selections in the 2018 draft, and while they could package those picks to move up for a quarterback, here's a sampling of the quality of players taken at those spots in recent years.

Scouting opportunities: The Senior Bowl and other major games are a few weeks away, but the college football all-star game slate kicks off Sunday morning with the Tropical Bowl, featuring FBS players not invited to the more prominent games, including UB punter and Niagara Falls native Kyle DeWeen. The HBCU Spirit of America Bowl is Sunday afternoon and the Dream Bowl will be played Monday.

Mock draft roundup: Who might be there for the Bills if they keep the 21st and 22nd picks?

ICYMI: The Bills fired offensive coordinator Rick Dennison on Friday. Former Chargers head coach Mike McCoy was reportedly Sean McDermott's first choice for the job last year, but Vic Carucci reports McCoy is out of the running this time. Five other potential candidates are listed in this slideshow.

Jerry Sullivan: "It's true, Rick Dennison was operating at a disadvantage from the start with Tyrod Taylor. Still, he was a mediocrity as a coordinator, a man who took a limited but functional offense and made it worse. His firing on Friday was as warranted as it was unsurprising. The Bills can and must do better."

Sully's mailbag: Will the Bills trade up into the top five to draft a quarterback?



Ray Bentley is writing a book about his time in Buffalo: Lyndsey D'Arcangelo caught up with the former Bills linebacker and ESPN commentator. “I started thinking about it and I remembered that I had journals from that time," Bentley said. "So, I looked through the basement and found all of my old journals. And I started reading them and thought, this is gold. There are some great stories about things that happened that I had forgotten, and some of it had never come to light.”

Health benefits: Like most playoff teams, the Bills enjoyed relatively good health this season.

Who will be back at linebacker? Last offseason, the Bills reconstructed their secondary. This year, they could do the same at the second level of the defense, Carucci writes.

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