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Letter: Woman criticizing Nichols also shoulders some blame

Woman criticizing Nichols also shoulders some blame

Elizabeth Russ Mohr admits that from the beginning she knew what she was doing was wrong, and calls it her “shameful behavior.” But then she does an about-turn and proceeds to blame others, saying that she wants to protect her children. Couldn’t parents better protect and educate their children by discussing the ways in which one’s own bad choices can reverberate for years?

I feel that her more “shameful behavior” is not the affair, but her insistence on blame and public disclosure. She accuses Nichols of failing to uphold good character while failing to consider its true source – the individual’s integrity of accepting responsibility for one’s past, and the courage to live with it and move on, without taking others down.

If her physics teacher, Arthur Budington, had felt the need to confess openly, years ago, making the affair public at a time when she would not have been comfortable with it – would that have been OK?

Marie Louise Smith


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