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Letter: Watson was correct; enough with the Bills

Watson was correct; enough with the Bills

I never thought I would be in agreement with Rod Watson, however, his column on the ridiculous actions of Bills fans was on point. He was quite brave, because his employer has played a major role in this craziness. The Jan. 5 paper should have been called The Buffalo Bills News. An entire section of the paper was wasted on old Bills players.

The fact that men cried over the game is very sad. It also saddens me that people have to live their life through other people they don’t even know. These people have such shallow lives. To allow the results of a game to determine your mood during the week is comical. When I was in the Army I discovered a sport called rugby. I played in college and for the Buffalo city club for 20 years. My memories I made myself.

How crazy are people to come out at 1 a.m. in 5 degree weather just to watch a team exit a plane? Some had babies and toddlers. Where was CPS during this?

At a time when this country needs citizens to pay attention to what our politicians are doing, all Buffalo cares is about a game we can’t control. I prefer to watch rugby on TV, and guess what? There are no commercials during rugby matches. As my man Rod said, “get a life.”

Edward J. Lawrence


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