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Letter: Trump’s tough stance is a welcome change

Trump’s tough stance is a welcome change

Is it just me or are there many others who are totally fed up with the various TV, internet or print organizations? It’s become a war of words between political parties with little or no thought to what really matters. President Trump has ignited a major problem for all the pundits who think their ideas and commentary are taken seriously.

Trump is the “anti” politician. He has set a panic in Washington among those who have been at the public trough for years. We had a president in Barack Obama who was charming, kind, polite, etc. He also was weak and apologetic in representing the country. No need to itemize the list of times he reflected on how we had been less than fair to others.

Meanwhile, North Korea ran with its nuclear program seeing no backbone in our leader or country. The leaders of other countries did what they pleased. Countries still had their greedy hands out for the money that we so generously supplied while giving little in return, the least of all respect. Security at home is the most important issue we have. Without it, anything else is for naught. With Trump, at least we have given up the doormat label. His strength is his understanding of business.

I would like to have the president be more “presidential” but not at the price of letting our country get run over. When historians looks back they may well refer to his lack of “polish,” but they will also refer to the change in the way we govern. Those who wanted change got it. Those who wanted the same rhetoric lost.

Peter Hewett


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