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Letter: Problems need to be solved so women truly have choice

Problems need to be solved so women truly have choice

I am writing in response to the Jan. 10 letter from a registered nurse in West Seneca titled, “It’s high time we stop sugar-coating abortion.” As a Catholic, I agree with some of what she said. As a woman, I particularly agree with the following statements: “We are not an enlightened society. … Being pro-life does not mean we are against choice. The choice should be made at the time of intercourse, not after conception has occurred.”

Many women are not given a choice at that time. We often think of rape as something that is done by a stranger. However, the #MeToo movement has shown that many women are assaulted and raped by men they know well. Date rape is a huge problem, especially on college campuses. Women in the military are also frequently victims of rape. None of these women is given a choice at the time of intercourse, as the writer stated. Even married women many times do not have a choice when married to abusive or alpha male-type husbands.

Also, even when it is consensual, many women do not have access to affordable birth control or they are told by their church that birth control is a sin and not a choice.

Let’s focus on ending these problems and maybe women will truly have choices and abortion will not have to be one of them.

Dawn Osburn

West Seneca

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