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Letter: President seems unable to simply tell the truth

President seems unable to simply tell the truth

Our president, Donald Trump, has made many unbelievable and inaccurate statements recently, and has been for a while. Let me state some of what has emitted from his mouth.

He said that Russia is laughing at the Russian probe, and that the probe is the biggest witch hunt in history. He does not give any reasons or proof for these comments.

Trump believes that the Democrats know there is no collusion, and that this is a Democratic hoax. Oh, yeah? Name who in the party is of that opinion. In addition, he refuses to acknowledge or accept what his intelligence agencies are saying about the Russian interference in the 2016 election, even though some foreign country allies agree with our intelligence agencies.

As for the mainstream media (except for the Fox network), he continuously claims that everything from them is “fake news.” Well, Trump has been proven to be the biggest liar of facts by a number of different entities. If any entity is fake, it is him.

Because of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump and his staff, there have been felony charges filed against his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, as well as his old campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

Mr. President, keep saying that there is no this (collusion) or that (obstruction of justice) over and over again and maybe then you may start to believe your inaccurate rhetoric.

Joseph Borzelliere

East Amherst

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