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Letter: Many people depend on weather forecasts

Many people depend on weather forecasts

Another letter of complaint regarding the number of weather reports recently appeared in this column. Allow me to explain why my family watches the reports so we are prepared for any adverse weather.

A son-in-law, a nurse practitioner, will need more time to plow his driveway so he can get to his office. He knows there will be cancellations and rescheduling of patients, plus treating those who do make it in.

His son has been prone to seizures since his premature birth 26 years ago. My daughter must be sure their driveway has not filled in since her husband left. There may be a need for an ambulance.

Another son-in-law, his daughter and her husband are EMTs – first responders. They were first on the scene at the Flight 3407 plane crash two blocks from their home. They know that bad weather brings more accidents.

A granddaughter, a phlebotomist, delivers specimens to labs after she drops of her fourth-grade daughter at school, unless school is closed. Then other arrangements are made.

On alert to school closings are another granddaughter, a teacher, and my daughter-in-law, who drives a school bus.

I’m elderly so my driveway must be clear to afford emergency vehicles access and accommodate newspaper carriers.

Multiply the above by thousands of families. Add all of the service personnel, mail carriers, fire and police personnel, hospitals staffs, utility company workers, etc. They need to be aware of weather conditions, present and impending.

So please don’t complain about the number of weather reports. Someday you may need emergency help from people who were prepared.

Helene R. Lee


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