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Letter: Mandate to recertify is unfair to legal gun owners

Mandate to recertify is unfair to legal gun owners

From watching the news, and the deadline of Jan. 31, it appears the majority of pistol holders in New York are not complying with recertification. Canada tried the same scheme several years ago with long guns and so few complied it later repealed the law. In my opinion, this is a bad law, pushed through under the cover of darkness by a corrupt politician with presidential ambitions.

I have had my permit since 1975 with no issues. Other than harassing law-abiding permit holders and possibly creating an unlawful database, what is the purpose? What is his plan for getting criminals to recertify?

Another issue I have is: Why do they want my driver’s license number? I think they are asking for information they have no authority to ask for. I am a CDL holder who has traveled extensively all over the United States and Canada. Is this going to subject me and others to even more searches simply because we have a lawful pistol permit, especially at the border?

I have not yet complied. I will wait until Jan. 31 to get my registered letter, return receipt requested, postmarked. By recertifying online you are doing their job for them. By using the mail, someone is going to have to enter all information manually.

Understand, my issue is not with the state police. I think this recertification is a huge waste of their time and resources and will do nothing but create more problems than it will solve. I think, and hope, this portion of the un-SAFE Act will fail. What possible benefit is there to legislate a whole new class of felons where no criminal intent now exists?

Gary Chamberlain


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