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Letter: Foes of Trump are blind to his accomplishments

Foes of Trump are blind to his accomplishments

Media reports, political commentators and some citizens in general have a common bond: hatred of President Trump. Hatred of our president has blinded opponents of his accomplishments.

Trump was elected against all odds, yet his detractors find fault with everything he does. The media, his fellow Republicans and hate-filled losers cannot accept the fact that he is fulfilling his campaign promises. He won my and countless others’ vote when he stood at the podium, reached out his hand and stated, “It’s all about you! Your voices will be heard. I will speak and work for you, the forgotten American voter.”

All these detractors share a common bond of blind hatred and memory loss of the past eight years. The mayor of Baltimore has asked for assistance from the governor of Maryland. She is concerned because citizens are leaving her city. She is concerned because it takes too long for police to respond to a call. She admits police recruitment is down. She has a very short memory. During the riots against police, she chose to allow rioters “to have their space.” You reap what you sow.

Mary A. Kless


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