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Letter: Citizens never had a say on passage of SAFE Act

Citizens never had a say on passage of SAFE Act

The only thing that the SAFE Act does is make law-abiding citizens jump through more legal hoops to own a gun. It has nothing to do with gun safety or gun violence. Illinois has gun laws just as strict as ours and look at the number of gun deaths in the City of Chicago.

It was mentioned that New Yorkers voted for strong gun laws when “we” passed the SAFE Act. We did not vote for the SAFE Act. It was pushed down our throats. If it was put on a ballot and voted for by the citizens, we as gun owners would not be complaining. The people would have spoken. But instead, it was another law passed by “men” in a room.

As far as H.R. 38 making our streets unsafe, I believe it will have little effect on that. It will only allow legal gun-carrying citizens the right to carry their weapon in our state. It has nothing to do with carrying AR-15 style weapons. Rep. Chris Collins did not betray us by voting yes on this bill. As far as support for the SAFE Act, it is only supported by non-hunter and urban voters. It is not supported in most rural communities.

William Abramo


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