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Letter: Americans must stop fighting, start rooting for one another

Americans must stop fighting, start rooting for one another

Did you ever play on a team, bottom of the ninth, two outs, men on second and third, you were losing 4-3 and your ninth-place hitter was coming up to bat? Did you find yourself rooting for him?

Late fourth quarter, your team was losing by two points, with seconds left and your center was throwing up a 30-footer? Did you cheer for him?

If you rooted or cheered for him, you realized that to be successful, you had to play as a team. Rather than find fault with his flaws, you had to hope for his strengths.

White supremacists, racists, populists, socialists; all labels. Labels divide us and make us underachieve, contentious, stressful and weak.

Can you imagine how successful we could become if we chose not to fight with each other? How powerful we could be if we all pulled together?

How about we all agree that for a one-year period, we use only one label, i.e., American? That we all play for one team, the Americans?

Joseph L. Vilardo

Niagara Falls

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